How To Choose What To Play; Also Known as Having Too Many Games and Too Little Time.

As gamers, we have all likely run into the problem of having too many games and not enough time. So many games come out each year, and that’s not even considering the maze that is the immense library of already-released games. Our schedules and life don’t allow us to get to them all. This is to be expected and is actually good in a sense, as there is such a thing as too much gaming. But if there’s only a limited time to devote to gaming in your life, like mine (as work, family and friends should of course take top priority) it can be difficult to decide what to play. In the first place, it can be difficult to even keep tabs on your collection, depending on its size.

The following is how I decide what I am going to play and when.

Screenshot (2)

I started by organizing all of my games (that this video game database has, and that I will eventually play) into a list including a ‘Plan to Play’ section with the priority level set for each game. You can do this in your head or on paper if you wish.

I then decide what type of game I’m in the mood for. Using this information, I comb my list and find the best candidates. Then, I actively reflect on how much time my current situation will allow me to spend gaming, look the game up on HowLongToBeat and use that to make my final selection. If a few are close, I go with my gut.

This is how I decide what to play, and when. It’s worked out most of the time.


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