Why I Strongly Prefer Singleplayer Games

Note: the following is an opinion.

I am a heavily singleplayer-oriented gamer. The only multiplayer I play regularly are ‘Tekken 7’ (online and against my family in-person), and online chess matches. I do not enjoy the vast majority of them. As far as MMORPG’s go, the only one that I have played is ‘Destiny 2’ and some of its expansions (get back to that in a bit).

So, why is this? Well, I have found that most multiplayer games suffer from four major major flaws…

First, the problem of extreme grind. The main gameplay loop of these multiplayer games usually boils down to simply: fight enemies/other players or scrounge around, get resources/XP, level up, aquire new loot/skills/equipment, fight new, bigger and stronger enemies/players, etc. The loop continues with no end in sight.


Secondly, the problem of multiplayer games often having no true goal. If there’s isn’t a satisfying endpoint to work towards, what’s the point? For me, there isn’t one.

Third, these games often lock large amounts of content behind a paywall, far more prevalently than singleplayer games.

And lastly, these games are, usually, far lower in quality than singleplayer titles. If you were to take the broad majority of both the best singleplayer and multiplayer games and compare them side-by-side, singleplayer games would win the overall quality comparison ratio every time.

I observed much of this while doing a lot of research after playing through ‘Destiny 2’ and its expansions. The reason I played that title if I hate multiplayer you ask? Because my two younger brothers really wanted me to, since they love it and wanted to play one of their favorite titles with their older brother. Essentially, they wanted to introduce me to one of their favorite games. As you can see by my ratings for ‘Destiny 2’ and its expansions on my MyVideoGameList Profile, I did not enjoy my time doing so.



Singleplayer games, however, almost always have an endpoint to work towards, and don’t lock off as much content behind paywalls. The majority have mechanics polished far better then the majority of multiplayer, and they often have far less grind.

In a singleplayer game, I don’t have to worry about trolls or having to rely on other players. I am sociable and personable in real life, but when I play a game, it is to get away and escape from the world for a bit. What’s the point if I’m having to deal with rude or idiotic people during my gaming time too? I know that not all online gamers are that way of course though. For example, I did meet some nice people during my time in ‘Destiny 2’, and one of them is now my only non-family Steam friend. I talk with him often. I’m grateful to ‘Destiny 2’ for that at least, but the point still stands.

Now, I realize that if I searched hard enough, I might find a multiplayer game that I would love (aside from ‘Tekken 7’ and Chess). Thing is, with the limited free time I have, I’d rather play something I know I’m likely to enjoy – such as any one of the many games with a medium or higher priority rating in the ‘plan to play’ section of my video game list.

It’s just more practical that way.



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