Persona 5 Royal – My New Third Favorite Game

Note: Some aspects of this post may seem vague, because I REFUSE to spoil anything. 'Persona 5 Royal', the updated version of the original 'Persona 5' that I played back in 2017, released on the 31st of March, 2020 here in the USA. I've been playing it ever since, dedicating a large chunk of my … Continue reading Persona 5 Royal – My New Third Favorite Game


‘Persona 5 Royal’ – First Impressions

  On March 31st, 2020, I obtained my copy of 'Persona 5 Royal' and began playing. 35 in-game hours later, and about a third of the way through the original game's plot, I'm here to give you my first impressions. A lot has changed (I played and beat the original 'Persona 5' back in 2017), … Continue reading ‘Persona 5 Royal’ – First Impressions