Why I Refuse To Use The Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is a digital PC game distribution platform, owned by Epic Games. It “competes” alongside the likes of Steam, Origin and GOG. The platform launched on 12/7/2018. At first, many thought it would be an interesting competitor and possibly inspire innovation among the platforms, with it having a better revenue split between developers and the store.

That didn’t pan out, and Epic has heavily outweighed that one positive they had going for them with a bevy of negative aspects and actions…

To start, the most upfront and despicable thing they have done in regards to being anti-consumer is the way that they poach exclusives, when PC games have no business being exclusive to one launcher.

First, watch this video by YouTuber YongYea. It details the most egregious case of this:

Epic refuses to try and compete by having great features. They don’t have, or just don’t care to implement, the features that other launchers incorporate that are standard at this point. Instead, they compete by locking PC players out of the ability to purchase certain titles anywhere but within their store. Essentially, they compete like a rich and lazy coward.

Next, Epic has had a multitude of data breaches and has made unauthorized moves with data on user’s computers.

Again, YouTuber YongYea explains one such instance extremely well in the video below:

And lastly, a 40% share of Epic is owned by Tencent, a Chinese tech conglomerate that has committed many morally dark acts and actively promotes pay-to-win and gambling mechanisms within the games they are a part of.

I hate pay-to-win mechanics and gambling mechanisms that are designed to psychologically exploit addictive tendencies that some gamers may have. Therefore, even if the above issues didn’t exist, I would still not support anything Epic does. I cannot, in good faith, support a company that allows such an entity to invest in them and be a part of the decision-making structure.

Not going to happen.




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