Some Amazing Gaming YouTubers You May Not Have Ever Heard Of, But Should Check Out

I’m a person who likes thoughtful, measured and well-edited content. But, I also don’t mind those who are eccentric in their style, as long as, at their core, they are thoughtful and measured. I have been watching each of the following YouTubers for years. They each do amazing work, and I feel that they are underappreciated, not well-known, or both. Their name will contain a link; and I will embed the channel trailer if they have one, or their best video – in my opinion – if they don’t.

So, here they are, in no particular order:

Many A True Nerd (One-offs, Let’s Plays Series, Livestreams, Video essays)

A hilarious, fun and often insightful channel run by two Brits with great senses of humor.

Luke Stephens (Thoughts, Critiques)

Extremely thoughtful, insightful and detailed videos covering a wide range of games and topics.

KingK (Retrospectives, Thoughts)

Extremely in-depth and analytical videos covering a wide range of games.

ChristopherOdd (Let’s Plays Series, Occasional Guides)

One of the best Let’s Players on YouTube. Respectful, intelligent and calm.

Caddicarus (Critiques of a Sort, Thoughts, Top 10’s, Reviews of a Sort)

Eccentric, yet measured and intelligent. Crazy fun, yet often crazily thoughtful.

Gopher (Let’s Play Series, Thoughts, Guides, Occasional Reviews)

Another of the best Let’s Players on YouTube. As respectful, intelligent and calm as ‘ChristopherOdd’, but also hilarious.




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