My Personal Game of the Decade – ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition’ (PC)

I played a lot of games between 2010 and 2019. I was not able to play every well-lauded game that released though. But, out of everything I did play within the whole decade, the game that stood out as the best – and my favorite game that I have played so far – is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It does the things I love most in games, and does them at the highest quality I have yet seen.

This title is a third-person open world action-RPG with a heavy focus on narrative. Rather than just dump more setup information, I would rather you see the game in action through the video below. The video quickly sums up the world, the gameplay systems, and the plot premise in a manner that is clear, concise and easy-to-digest.

In games, I heavily enjoy three main things: A strong narrative (characters/story), intricate and well-crafted gameplay systems that compliment the intent of the game, and freedom to act as I choose within the game (something that is often very hard to do with story-heavy games, as they usually don’t know how to go about this balancing act).

The main story within this title is strong – very emotional, well-written and engaging. The side quests also often have story associated with them, and can be of the same quality as the main story more often than not. The gameplay systems all mesh together and work to the benefit of both the story and the open world exploration.

The most impressive thing about this game though, is how well it is able to allow immense freedom of gameplay, while keeping the narrative tempo and the amount of quality story lines extremely high. As mentioned earlier, side quests are often as well-written as the main quests, and are extremely numerous. This one facet of the game is why it soared above my other favorite story-heavy open world games to become my favorite yet.

Screenshot (122)

It also doesn’t hurt that CD Projekt Red – the developers of the game – released two well-priced and extremely high-quality expansion packs for the game. Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. Most of those who played the base game before the expansions were released – such as myself – were extremely excited for these. Blood and Wine in particular had so much content of such high-quality that it could have been sold as its own game with a $35.00 price tag, and not many would have been able to say that wasn’t fair. Both are included in the GOTY edition, and as such, it is the definitive version of this title.

The game isn’t flawless. Horse riding and combat can be slightly clunky on occasion, the AI can be idiotic in rare instances, and the lower difficulties don’t give the player reason to use the more interesting systems in the game.

Regardless of all that, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has soared to the absolute top of my favorite games list for doing what I love in games, and doing it the best I’ve seen yet.


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