My Top Ten Favorite Games (as of 3/12/20)

The following are my current top 10 favorite games, with an example video and a short reason why.

10 – Star Wars: Battlefront II [Original; PC]

This isn’t the crappy EA one. I mean the original. Beautiful ‘Star Wars’ battles, no crap, and fantastic gameplay.

9 – Destroy All Humans! 2 [PS4 Remaster]

My favorite purely satirical game. Insanely funny with great game mechanics.

8 – Fallout: New Vegas [Ultimate Edition, PC]

A game with fantastic choice, an engaging world and intriguing quests.

7 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [Special Edition, PC]

A clunky masterpiece. Sprawling, epic and also a bit wonky. I have a post that explains more.

6 – Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition [PC]

My favorite ‘Resident Evil’ game. Disturbing yet fun, well-executed and infinitely replayable.

5 – Mass Effect 2 [With Story DLC; PC]

My favorite, and the best, Bioware game. Amazing story, fantastic combat and a great ending. The DLC – mostly – is actually worth the price too. I have a post that goes into a lot more detail that you can read if you want.

4 – Fallout 3 [GOG’s Version; GOTY Edition, PC]

Crazily atmospheric and really feels like a post apocalypse. Great gameplay too. This video explains more of how I feel about it. Beware, as it does spoil most of the game. Recommended if you’ve played it or don’t care about spoilers.

3 – The Last of Us: Remastered [PS4]

My favorite story-focused linear game. Fantastic plot, characters and combat.

2 – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [Wii]

My current favorite ‘Zelda’ game. I still have several to play though. I simply just love it in a way that’s hard to explain.

1 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [GOTY Edition, PC]

This is my favorite game so far. It allows immense choice without skimping on mass amounts of quality content. It’s only major flaw is its – occasionally¬† – wonky combat. I have a post on it that goes into massive detail



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