Final Fantasy VII Remake – When It’s ALL Out, We’ll Talk, Sony (A likely unpopular viewpoint)

Note: This is just my opinion; and likely an unpopular opinion at that. 

I’m excited for the FF VII remake. Very excited in fact. It looks fantastic. But, I’m excited for when the ENTIRE original game is remade. Knowing that it is only part of an already complete story creates a scenario in which I have no desire to purchase it until the entire game is remade via the upcoming subsequent parts. It’s baffling to me that they aren’t titling this ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake – Part 1’, as that would be the most truthful title.

I am all about story continuity. It matters to me immensely. Knowing that I will get an incomplete story is an easy way to get me to wait to see, or play, any of it till it’s all out (if more is confirmed). Or I’ll just avoid it if I know that it’s incomplete – from reviews, for example – and no continuation is planned at present.

‘FF VII Remake’ is an example of the former. There is almost certainly more coming, but who knows when that will be. It will likely be several years, and by then, for example, it will likely be a PS5 exclusive. I don’t want to concern myself with that until I know what I am working with. As such, I have immense interest, but will not make any attempts to purchase it until the complete original game has been remade.


At that point, I will seek out whatever the best deal for my situation would be at the time. I immensely hope it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg. For example, if I have to buy three parts; two discounted to $20.00 by that point, and part three costing the usual $59.99. I’d hope there would be a discounted complete package available.

Until then, if I wish to experience FF VII’s story, I’d rather play the Remastered PS4 entry – which is said to be the best version of the original. The main reason for that being that the story is… well… complete. I got it on sale a while back.

For those of you who aren’t bothered by story continuity, I hope you have a blast. 🙂


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