My Top Five Let’s Play Series (only one entry allowed per game/player, for variety)

I enjoy Let’s Play series. But, I don’t watch just any. I begin many, but only finish those that are extremely good, as Let’s Plays can be quite long. Out of all that I have watched over the years, here are five in particular that are especially great.

For the sake of variety, I will limit each game, and each Let’s Player, to only one entry.

#5 – [Series: ‘Fallout: New Vegas’][Player: ‘William Strife’]

One of the best role-play Let’s Plays out there. Intelligent commentary and high production values.

Playlist –

#4 – [Series: ‘The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’][Player: ‘MasaeAnela’]

One of my favorite games, played by an extremely endearing and fun Let’s Player.

Playlist –

#3 – [Series: ‘Mass Effect Trilogy’][Player: ‘ChristopherOdd’]

A favorite game trilogy of mine, played by one of my favorite Let’s Players; a very engaging watch.

Playlists – Part 1: | Part 2: | Part 3:

#2 – [Series: ‘Fallout 3: Kill Everything’][Player: ‘Many A True Nerd’]

The most fun I’ve ever had with a Let’s Play. Endlessly creative and hilarious, this is a must watch!

Playlist –

#1 – [Series: ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’][Player: ‘Gopher’]

My favorite game so far, played by my absolute favorite Let’s Player. He is calm, respectful, intelligent and hilarious at the same time; and he truly enjoys playing the game. This is my favorite Let’s Play for those specific reasons.

Playlist – Part 1: | Part 2: | Part 3:

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