The Necessary Evil – and Positives – of Consoles

Consoles are something that I, as a PC enthusiast, don’t particularly care for at a surface level. They don’t run as well, they have limitations, and there are often games exclusive to any particular console. To play them, you have to buy an expensive piece of hardware.

But, I do see the silver lining. Without consoles, many games just simply wouldn’t exist. Many companies simply wouldn’t create games for PC only, seeing how expensive a gaming PC can be, which would lower the playerbase. Not to mention, the monetary amount they would have to share with distribution platforms like Steam, as physical media is almost dead when it comes to PC gaming.

For example, this would mean that all of the games exclusive to my ‘PS4’ console, which just so happens to include my current second (The Last of Us: Remastered) and third (Persona 5 Royal) favorite games, simply wouldn’t exist. It also means around a third of the games that I plan to play in the near future wouldn’t exist either.


Having something not crazily expensive that allows many individuals to be able to run the games of a company incentivizes that company to make more games. This, well, obviously, means that more games get made overall. This is a great thing, but accompanied with the annoyance of consoles.

This is the reason I have a ‘PS4’, a ‘Switch’, a ‘New 3DS XL’, a ‘PS3 Slim’, and a ‘Wii’ that is backwards compatible with ‘GameCube’ games.  The only reason, in fact.

All in all, when it comes down to it, more games being made is a great thing, even if it requires a bit of a compromise for us PC enthusiasts.


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